The Sea – La Cucoma Restaurant

Restaurant La Cucoma, Russi (RA) Italy.

Permanent installation in the La Cucoma restaurant, Russi (RA), Italy.

When the owner came to my studio with his family, I still didn’t know that such a symbiotic collaboration would soon be born. He immediately chose some paintings, including Swordfish, a mosaic of great impact, which then led to that change from space to place that I always think of when I imagine the evolution of a place with the arrival of my mosaics. The walls are high and spacious and the mosaics have found their ideal place. There is a type for every species of fish! When I go back to La Cucoma I always get lost in observing them, happy to have given this new artistic imprint to the place.

The mosaics were chosen in the website Shop and in the artist’s studio.

Year: 2018

Rossella Casadio ristorante Cucoma Spada mosaico contemporaneo