The Sea – La Cucoma Restaurant

Restaurant La Cucoma, Russi (RA) Italy.

When the owner of the venue came to my studio with his family, I didn’t yet know that such a symbiotic collaboration would soon emerge. He immediately chose several mosaics, including “Spada,” a highly impactful piece, which led to that transformation from space to place that I always envision when imagining how my artworks can evolve a venue.

The walls are tall and spacious, providing the perfect setting for each type of fish represented in the mosaics!

Every time I return to La Cucoma, I find myself lost in observing them, happy to have imparted this new artistic imprint on the venue.

The mosaics were selected both from the online shop on my website and directly from my art studio.

Rossella Casadio ristorante Cucoma Spada mosaico contemporaneo