• Rossella Casadio mosaicista

A Unique and Innovative Method for Creating Unconventional Mosaics

Welcome to my world of unconventional mosaics, where each piece tells a unique story. My method of creation is deeply rooted in the traditional art of mosaic-making but stands out for the innovative and bold use of materials and techniques.

Each mosaic I create is a unique piece, born from my passion for finding woods and particular materials with a story to tell. My search takes me to explore depots on the Romagna hills, shipyards, and any place that can offer materials with a soul.

The creation process begins with the careful selection of woods, followed by meticulous washing and anti-woodworm treatment. Subsequently, the wood is sanded and cleaned, removing any unstable paint to prepare a perfect surface. When necessary, I use compacting adhesives to ensure the stability of the support.

The real magic happens in the cutting and composition phase of the tesserae. I use enamels and Venetian golds, stones, marbles, and alternative materials such as rusty tools, pieces of furniture, antique crystals, and mechanical parts. These elements, combined with my artistic vision, give life to three-dimensional mosaics that capture the eye and imagination.

Each piece of wood becomes a canvas on which I sketch a design in pencil, followed by the application of the tesserae without using preparatory paintings. Each mosaic takes shape spontaneously, guided by the inspiration of the moment. Once completed, the wood is treated with a specific product to enhance its color and natural beauty.

My unique method and attention to detail make each mosaic an unrepeatable work of art, capable of transforming any environment into a place of charm and wonder. Explore my collection and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of unconventional mosaics.