Mosaici artistici - rossella casadio

Rossella Casadio, a Cesenatico artist, fell in love with the art of restoration during her studies at the Institute of Art for Mosaics in Ravenna, and began experimenting with her creativity on furniture accessories. A passion that has over time blended with the charm of the marine world, from which the artist draws enormous inspiration: Thus, the work of Rossella Casadio comes to life, orienting itself towards a unique and unmistakable style, which evolves and researches new methods and materials for the description of a world poised between reality and dreamlike vision. A distinctive feature of Rossella Casadio’s works is the recycling of materials that undergo a transformation, while maintaining the characteristics assimilated over time. Each work is an experimentation of materials and colours, which choice has been made with extreme care. The wood becomes the “animated support” on which the work is built, oxidized by dried salt, dented or pecked by a “Leopard Moth” it must be able to tell its story and time. Raku ceramics are broken up and crushed to take on new forms. Iron and stainless steel have been patinated by time, while gold, to which the artist approaches innovatively, is used for its attitude to refraction and mounted upside down, to create shades, play of lights and shadows. Recycling becomes in itself an artistic act. Each element follows the relentless evolution of time and every detail acquires a unique value. Just as the sea waves crash and create something new and different, so each material takes on a new life, transforms itself and evolves into a unique creation, retaining the peculiarities acquired in its becoming. Each work is accompanied by a style in continuous transformation. Immediacy and experimentation are the soul of the artistic gesture, which springs directly from just a slight idea to evolve during the practical realization. The research continues in the approach of the definition of the marine subject. It is realized and evolves owing to the previous artistic experiences through a spiral of continuous creation. An art in constant evolution!