Rossella Casadio mosaicista ritratto

Rossella Casadio, an artist from Cesenatico, discovered her passion for art restoration during her studies at the renowned Institute of Mosaic Art in Ravenna. This passion led her to experiment with her creativity using unconventional supports.

Since then, she has integrated not only precious materials such as Venetian gold and smalto into her art, but also unconventional elements that give her works a unique character.

Over time, her fascination with the marine world has profoundly influenced her artistic journey. Rossella Casadio’s work has evolved into a unique and unmistakable style, constantly exploring new methods and materials to depict a universe suspended between reality and dreams.

A distinctive feature of Rossella Casadio’s works is her ability to transform reclaimed materials while preserving their acquired characteristics over time. Each piece is an exploration of carefully chosen materials and colors.

Wood becomes an “animated support,” weathered by sea salt and marked by the passage of time. Raku ceramics are shattered and reassembled into new forms. Iron and stainless steel, aged by time, and gold, approached innovatively for its light-refracting qualities, are mounted in unconventional ways to create shades and interplays of light and shadow.

The process of reclamation becomes an artistic act in itself. Each element undergoes the relentless evolution of time, imparting a unique value to every detail. Just as the waves of the sea break to form something new and different, each material is revitalized, transformed, and evolved into a singular creation, retaining its acquired uniqueness over time.

Each artwork embodies a style in constant transformation: spontaneity and experimentation define the artistic process, evolving from initial concepts to practical realization. The ongoing quest is to capture the essence of subjects, transforming each piece from stylized figurations into distinctive works of art. This evolution builds upon previous artistic experiences, perpetuating a spiral of continuous creation—an art in perpetual flux!