Rossella Casadio Studio

Commissioned work?

Yes but…

When it happens, it is because the true soul of my work is understood and recognized; it is with this harmony that I am able to create personalized artworks that are always unique and special.

To create them, I will need to get to know you and your tastes, the furnishing of your spaces, and your passions in order to create the artwork that represents you and makes your environment unique and special.
I work on the woods that I only clean and restore, but I never “remodel” them for a specific choice: to preserve its seasoning, the true soul, and the wood’s history.

For this reason, it is impossible to produce a picture of a specific size, but, over time and without haste, it is possible to find the shape and size of the support which comes closest to the one desired by the client.

Subject, colours, materials and wood must harmoniously combine; I will guide this choice.

My working method is not the same as a craftsman who has specific colours and materials and assembles them according to your taste, far from it. Many materials that are the basis of my creations are unique. Therefore each time there is research, an exclusive and non-replicable study.

The realization of the mosaic definitely requires an idea, an inspiration and a poem that derives from the same choices that are the fundamental act of my creation.

What if inspiration does not come? If it does not come, I would not take on the order (assignment). I do not feel like creating an artwork if I am not inspired.

For commission requests, you can write to me in contacts and tell me what you would like me to create for you.