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Mosaics on Commission: Exclusive and Personalized Creations

“When I accept a commission, it’s because the client understands and appreciates the true essence of my work. It’s in this harmony that I create custom artworks that are always unique and special.

To create them, it’s essential to get to know you: we’ll discuss your preferences, the decor of your spaces, and your passions. This allows me to create a piece that seamlessly integrates into your environment, making it unique and special. I work with woods that I exclusively treat with cleaning and restoration, never altering their history and authenticity.

For this reason, I can’t guarantee specific dimensions for the artwork. Over time, we’ll find the support in the shape and size that best fits your expectations.

Subject, colors, materials, and wood must harmoniously combine, and I’ll guide this selection.

My approach isn’t that of a craftsman assembling materials according to a predetermined taste. Many of the materials I use are unique, and each project requires exclusive and non-reproducible research and study.

Creating a mosaic requires an idea, inspiration, and a poetry that stem from these choices, fundamental elements of my artistic creation. Each commissioned mosaic is a precious piece, designed and crafted with care to enrich and enhance your space.

And if inspiration doesn’t come? If I don’t feel inspired, I prefer not to accept the commission. I don’t feel I can create an authentic piece without true inspiration.

For commission requests, please contact me directly to discuss what you’d like me to create.”