In the Sea – Restaurant Pippo

In the Sea, Restaurant Pippo, Cesenatico (FC) Italy.

Permanent installation, following the renovation of interior of the restaurant Pippo in Cesenatico (FC) Italy.

The owners of the Pippo restaurant, on the canal port of Cesenatico, contacted me during the renovation of the place to choose mosaics that would characterize their environment. The first choice was “Sardines” a mosaic that I am particularly fond of, it is one of the largest works I have created, depicting a shoal of fish. I must say that it is perfect in this room, the space, the light, the furnishings are in perfect harmony with the painting! Every time I look at a room and breathe in its “feeling” inspirations come to me, so while I had just finished preparing a wooden base for another mosaic, I had the need to create it thinking about that environment.. I notified customers of the arrival of something special that I would have proposed to them in preview. One of the most beautiful works of this last period, the “Octopus” was born! Subsequently I proposed, on display for the entrance wall, “Elettriona” a fish in the colors of the sun with three types of different Venetian gold! So this mosaic also remained part of this environment, illuminating the room with its light.

The mosaics were chosen in the artist’s studio.


Rossella Casadio Saraghine mosaico artistico decorazione parete ristorante