Fish Onda Blu Restaurant

Onda Blu Restaurant, San Mauro Mare (FC), Italy.

L’Onda Blu, Jana and Maurizio’s restaurant, is a splendid beachfront location with a sea view. Jana, one of the biggest collectors of my artworks, has always had a passion for my mosaics. Seeing my creations in such a magical environment is always an emotion.

Through the open windows facing the beach, you can feel the sea breeze, while the mosaics reflect an enchanting light. In this place, my artworks find their ideal dimension and natural space, as if they were specifically created to be here, close to the sea.

The light reflecting on the Venetian enamel and gold tiles changes throughout the day, revealing a thousand different and fascinating shades that make each mosaic come alive and ever-changing.

The mosaics were carefully selected in my studio, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to this enchanting place.