Fantastic – House

Private house, San Mauro Mare (FC) Italy

The creation of this beautiful apartment literally revolved around my mosaics. Jana, the owner, has always been one of the greatest collectors of my unique works.

In the living room, the two mosaics ‘Schools of Fish’ and ‘Purple Scales’ integrate perfectly with the decor, which was created specifically to enhance them. In the kitchen, the large mosaic ‘Fantastico’ holds a place of honor. This piece, particularly special to me, was immediately loved by Jana as well. Here, the decor was designed to harmonize impeccably with the mosaic, and the result is extraordinary!

For the wall separating the living room from the kitchen, a stunning 3D ‘Sacred Heart’ in blue was placed, making even a transitional area between rooms special thanks to the presence of this mosaic.

For the smaller wall, three mosaics depicting Strelitzia and a 3D Protea were chosen, adding a unique artistic dimension.

The mosaics selected by the client are unique pieces previously created according to my artistic inspiration. Each piece not only tells a story but also transforms every space into an extraordinary and personal place.