Abyss – Maltraversi Restaurant

Maltraversi Restaurant, Arzignano VI Italy.

During the restaurant renovation, the owners contacted me to select unique mosaics that would make the environment even more special.

In the spacious upper room, along the longest wall, stands the “Sawfish”, while two fish are placed along the shorter side.

On the entrance landing, at the center of the two leather walls, you can find the “Jellyfish” which complement their colors.

In the second room upstairs, “Tuna” and “Water Thread”. Going down the stairs on the right, the “Squids” are positioned next to a characteristic Venetian Briccola. On the left hangs the “Green Seahorse”.

On the ground floor, at the owners’ request, I created the restaurant logo, placed above the marble counter.

Rossella Casadio pesci unconventionalmosaics