Mosaic on wooden board

Year: 2020

Size: 112X27 cm.

Weight: 7 Kg.

All the works are sent accompanied by the original Certificate of Authenticity drawn up and signed by the artist Rossella Casadio in a single copy.

The intense evolution I went through in these last three years has led me more and more to rediscover my Essence and pursue my Karma. This painting expresses the “ruptures” in the depths of the soul, which are created by living.
The breakdown of a part of us is never negative if lived as an inevitable experience to find ourselves. I strongly believe that by going through and fully experiencing these situations the evolution that transforms us is a regenerating and powerful event that pushes us to rediscover our true nature, unique and unrepeatable, embracing it with love and pride.

The mosaic was made using the direct technique on a wooden panel

Materials: Venetian light blue and yellow gold (24K gold leaf), gold and white porcelain, white Italian stone of Nanto, recycled material.

Unique piece


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