Mosaic on wooden board

Year: 2018

Size: 51×45 cm.

Weight: 3,3 Kg.

All the works are sent accompanied by the original Certificate of Authenticity drawn up and signed by the artist Rossella Casadio in a single copy.

I saw this starfish in a photography; it was beautiful.

Searching among the pieces of wood, I chose this one. It is the inside of a piece of white painted furniture, which is slightly peeling and almost intact in shape. The star I made seems in this way, to be framed as if to enhance its importance. I like to create the three-dimensional effect, and here, I tried to give a particular thickness to the center of the star, to recreate that effect of consistency that red starfishes lying on the sand have.

The mosaic was made using the direct technique on wood from an old piece of furniture.

Materials: Venetian lemon yellow and orange gold, venetian yellow double-sided gold, mixed venetian smalti, coral, copper, glass of Murano, recycled material.

Unique piece