Mosaic on wooden board

Year: 2022.

Size: 33×75 cm.

Weight: 3 Kg.

All the works are sent accompanied by the original Certificate of Authenticity drawn up and signed by the artist Rossella Casadio in a single copy.

The meaning of Medusa as a totem animal is beautiful: Flowing with the tides of life. The jellyfish connects with the mysteries of the unconscious and allows you to trust the cycle of life. Create connection with the sea, with water, and teaches to let go of resistances to flow with the currents of life. Awareness and spiritual direction.

The mosaic was made using the direct technique on a wooden panel

Materials: Mixed Venetian smalti, Venetian antique yellow gold (24K gold leaf), Citrine quartz, artistic ceramics, white Italian marble of Nanto, Biancone Italian marble, minerals, rubber, copper, porcelain, crystals recycled material.

Unique piece


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