Mosaic on wooden board

Year: 2020

Size: 105×34 cm.

Weight: 3 Kg.

All the works are sent accompanied by the original Certificate of Authenticity drawn up and signed by the artist Rossella Casadio in a single copy.

On this shutter, made of slightly worn white wood, I immediately imagined horns of gray stone and beige Venetian gold. I am unstoppable; this new subject has captured me. Recalling to the vitality and pride of the animal and the “fossil”, a return to when I was doing restoration. In this picture, I also painted, with oil colours, some parts scraped of its paint, to leave the effect of worn but in a more subtle way.

They rise from the earth to the sky in all their delicacy.

The mosaic was made using the direct technique on the part of an old French window shutter.

Materials: Gray italian stone of Nanto, venetian beige gold, recycled material.

Unique piece


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