Mosaic on wooden board

Year: 2021

Size: (b x h x profondità) 190x80x13 cm.

Wreight: 35 Kg.

All the works are sent accompanied by the original Certificate of Authenticity drawn up and signed by the artist Rossella Casadio in a single copy.

My first inspiration was to create a fish with copper scales.

It was supposed to be a female fish and I had clear colors in my mind that I would use. The search for all materials has been long and patient. The scales, which I cut by hand, give a three-dimensional effect visible from different angles. During the creation I added the gray stone of Nanto, the Venetian enamel and the blue ceramics in the belly of the fish because chance wants (nothing happens by chance!) I fell enamels near this stone and the combination I really liked.

The title of the work came to mind one day as I was walking along the beach by the sea, I was thinking about my path of life, work, choices.. : “Combative”. I looked for the exact definition of Bellicosa which is “Combative, combative, not necessarily in the hostile sense.” I never believed the case and this new creation is the confirmation. The copper scales are her armor, like an armor that protects her and gives her the strength to always fight for what she loves and desires.The armor is therefore born out of necessity, survival or better by adaptation.

Nature teaches us that when the environment becomes hostile, species either become extinct or mutate adapting for survival. Combative is a fish with armor, almost prehistoric, that evolves and survives adversity.

The mosaic was made using the direct technique on an old door of a farmhouse.

Materials: Venetian beige and white gold (24k gold leaf), mixed Venetian smalti, copper, white and grey Italian stone of Nanto, white Italian marble of Carrara, raku artistic ceramics, porcelain, iron, wood, recycled materials.

Unique piece


The price includes packaging in a special wooden crate made to measure for shipping

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